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Creating memorable first impressions that highlight your property’s finest assets.

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Visual impact presents a compelling story that draws people in.

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We showcase your facilities industrial processes, techniques and milestones without disrupting work activities. Confidentiality agreements honored!

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We are experts at capturing images and videos with optimal angles, composition, and lighting.

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Our photographers present your space as a whole, while also highlighting the customer experience with color balance, lighting, and creative camera angles.

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We offer a full selection of technologies and techniques, including helicopters, airplanes, and drones, to deliver visually striking media.

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Welcome to Capitol Photography, a full-service architectural photography and video studio that delivers quality and style regardless of the size of your project.

In an increasingly competitive, visual business environment, Capitol Photography ensures, from the first glimpse to the final decision, that our images and video reflect the quality and individuality of your property. We are experts at discreet, efficient and timely photography, and commit to attentive personal service and experienced, knowledgeable guidance in every aspect of our relationship.

We pride ourselves in our understanding of our client’s needs through personal assistance and clear communication in order to seamlessly meet all of their photography and video requirements.

Who We Are

Capitol Photography has been in the business of providing upscale commercial and architectural photography to national clients for over a decade. We have earned a reputation for skillfully merging both branding and structure into eye-catching photographs that match our clients’ vision and ongoing business requirements.

We are equipped to provide imaginative, reliable and resourceful solutions for all your marketing and business requirements. As photography has evolved, we have expanded our services to include new digital video and drone technologies, as well as other techniques that allow us to offer full-service capabilities customized to your requirements.

Our concierge team delivers professional services based on the flexibility and the speed you need in your fast-paced and competitive business environment. Based in Atlanta right next to the world’s busiest airport, we are always available to our clientele.

What Capitol Photography Can Do for You

Video Production

Video ‘walks’ clients through your property, controlling their overall experience and getting them excited to take the next step.


Have a big job or under a time crunch? Our experienced staff will manage your project to your specifications, timeframe and budget.

Sunset & Sunrise

Shooting during the ‘golden hours’ adds drama and beauty to any space. Let us evaluate innovative options to spotlight your property.

Interior / Exterior

We plan the time of day, lighting, season, camera angle and surroundings to highlight amenities and promote your finest assets.


Aerial photography is perfect for calling attention to your property’s location, landscape, amenities and compelling natural features.


Real estate shows best when people can take it all in. Our 360 degree images and video explore your property’s entire environment.

Professional Video Production

Sometimes the best way to advance the sales cycle is to ‘walk’ buyers and investors all the way through your property or location. Video allows you to be in control of your clients first as well as overall impressions. Whether aerial video, interior video, day-to-night transition (Grail), hyper-lapse, motion time-lapse, reveals, or push-ins, we add drama and beauty to the video, so your clients are excited to take a look in person.

Let’s Connect

Let’s talk about your plans and ways we can work together to showcase your vision and sales message. We would love to share how professional photography and video can help grow your business.